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Water Heater Replacement

Water Heater Replacement and Repair

Trust the Water Heater Experts

Is your water heater in need of service? John B Hoff & Son repairs and replaces all makes and models of oil, gas, and electric water heaters. For over 66 years residents of Hunterdon and Bucks Counties have counted on our family business to keep their hot water flowing. We're experienced in resolving all of the common, and not so common problems that effect both residential and commercial water heaters.

Don't risk getting shocked or exasperating the problem. Call the water heating professionals at John B Hoff & Son today!

Common Water Heater Problems

• No hot water
• Hot water is slow to warm up
• Water quickly turns cold
• Pilot light goes out
• Strange noises or banging
• Reduced hot water flow
• Electrical problems
• Gas flow issues
• Leaking pipes or connections

Water Heater vs Boiler

There is common confusion over the differences between a hot water heater and boiler. The difference has to do with their respective functions and means by which they heat water.

Most hot water heaters consist of a holding tank and heating element or burner. The water in the tank is kept hot by the heating element or burner until it is transferred for use in a shower, faucet, laundry machine, etc.

Many boilers can do more than just heat your house. Some can also be used to heat water via an indirect hot water tank. The hot water can then be utilized as the heat source for: radiant heating for floors, snow melting, to generate hot air for forced air heating systems, and more. Click here to learn about our
boiler services.
Hot Water Heater
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