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Water Conditioning and Treatment

Water Softening

Our team provides expert installation of water softening systems in Hunterdon and Bucks Counties. The benefits of water softeners are well documented and include: softer skin, increased efficiency and longevity of water consuming appliances, as well as cleaner clothes and dishes. They can even reduce soap curd and make cleaning easier. Water softening systems are an inexpensive home enhancement your entire family will love!

John B Hoff & Son has been installing quality water softeners for decades. You can count on us for expert advice and friendly service in solving all your water conditioning needs.

Water Purification

Few things are more important than providing your family access to clean, clear drinking water. Over the last few years we've heard increasing reports about contaminants effecting the water supply of both Hunterdon and Bucks Counties. John B Hoff & Son installs ultra violet (UV) light water purification systems for the removal of dangerous compounds. Don't wait another day or drink another glass of contaminated water. Call us for expert water treatment services for both residential and commercial properties.
Water softening
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